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Religious Building Cleaning Services

Ensure Your Place of Worship Stays Beautiful With XOPDX Clean

Religious buildings operate around ever-changing schedules.  Premises may be open on weekends or on particular days of the week, making it vital to have a professional cleaning team to take care of your place of worship and provide cleaning service that offers optimal flexibility backed by the highest level of service.  With over 40 years of combined experience, XOPDX Commercial Cleaning Services provides scheduling flexibility and customized cleaning services so buildings of worship stay looking their best while keeping costs under control.

Places of worship are sacred spaces for congregants and the larger community. At XOPDX, our religious building and church cleaning professionals have specialized training to handle the unique requirements of these environments.  We use the utmost caution to treat your space with the respect it deserves.  We’ll work with you and your church staff to fully understand your needs, accommodate any special requests and avoid any areas that you indicate.  As for our cleaning products, we use green cleaners that are effective without leaving behind any bothersome odors.  We will also make sure that we use the appropriate cleaners and methods for sensitive to the materials in your facility.

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Your congregation deserve a clean and disinfected space when they visit your house of

worship.  XOPDX Commercial Cleaning has over 40 years of combined of experience

cleaning a wide variety of properties, including religious facilities like yours.

  • Over 40 years of cleaning industry experience

  • Professionally trained janitorial specialists

  • Commitment to the highest quality of clean

  • Daytime and night janitorial services available

  • Each and every janitorial contract is tailored to the specific needs of each client

  • Customize cleaning solutions

For more information please call XOPDX at 503.200.4114

Our Cleaning Standards arE spotless

Learn How We Can Customize Your Cleaning Plan to Fit Your Needs


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