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In today's Covid environment, educational facilities need to provide a safe, clean and healthy environment for students and staff to learn.  Whether it’s an elementary school or a university setting, students and staff should be able to focus on the subject matter at hand and should never be at risk of picking up germs or bacteria. XODPX's systematic cleaning approach to cleaning educational facilities helps protect the health of your students and your staff.  From daily cleaning to high-level disinfecting, we offer all levels of service to fit your needs and budget.  

Our educational facility cleaning experts are backed by over four decades of experience and understand the unique requirements of these environments. With overnight and weekend cleaning availability, we’ll be sure to deliver a safe and healthy facility without ever disrupting your students and teachers.   We are a true partner. 

XOPDX provides the following janitorial services:

  • Daily/ weekly/ monthly Educational Facilities Services

  • Lobby and common area building maintenance

  • Restroom janitorial services

  • Daytime and nighttime janitorial services available

  • Each and every janitorial contract is tailored to the specific needs of each client.

Our professional and highly trained staff can handle your janitorial needs 24 hours a day, no matter how complex the need.  We offer reasonably priced customized commercial cleaning contracts, affordable to small business owners and corporate headquarters alike.  With XOPDX, you can affordably demonstrate your attention to an impeccable professional environment to your existing and potential customers. 


Contact us today to get a free estimate for your cleaning maintenance needs.  We will meet you to quickly assess your individual needs and tailor our proposal accordingly.  Our staff is highly trained to schedule your cleaning maintenance promptly, address your concerns, and follow through with reliable cleaning.  This is what we do, and do best.  Our reputation depends on it.

Educational Facilities

After School

For more information please call XOPDX at 503.200.4114

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